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Born out of necessity for the expansion of the Solar Conglomerate, the Vanguard is an interstellar military built for asymmetrical tactical engagements. Its primary purpose is to act as an all-purpose military force across human space — operating as both interplanetary reconnaissance, and colonial protection.

Formed in the early years of the Solar Conglomerate’s reach into the stars, the Vanguard at first was a forward reconnaissance force. The Vanguard’s role as an expeditionary military ensured the survival and prosperity of the first colony worlds. Many of the colonial planets were, and are, hostile and unforgiving places. Predation from native wildlife, hazardous conditions, or Colony Schism Syndrome could lead to fatal errors in the expansion plans of SolCon’s corporate masters. During this fragile time the Vanguard served to ensure the flourishing of a new colony. They provided security personnel, medical services, and in some cases slave and conscript control.

As human space expanded, and the core worlds formed, the Vanguard began to take on a policing role. Piracy, grey and black marketeering, smuggling, and unsanctioned conscription became endemic as the economy of the core worlds took shape. While SolCon had the Solar Navy and the Core World Armed Forces – the Vanguard became an agile military force, able to cross parsecs of space in days to deal in order to quickly respond to extreme missions. Even to this day, the Vanguard are the first to deal with issues requiring the rapid response of a skilled and highly trained military.

Now, having to move quickly and with little interference, the Vanguard are a highly independent autonomous group that answers solely to the authority of the Solar Conglomerate.

This power affords Vanguard Command a great deal of room in how they approach specific threats and problems. Colonial Marshal's – the highest authority in the Vanguard fleet ­– often bear the burden of being responsible for the welfare of a hundred or more inhabited worlds. Back in the cradle of human space, the Solar Conglomerate board is the primary authority – but in matters of war along the Edge, the Vanguard has the authority to make decisions without the entanglements of bureaucracy.

Now that the Firebrand have begun to overtake previously quiet Edge worlds, the Vanguard have become more and more entangled in conflicts with them. Many in the upper echelons of SolCon consider the Vanguard engaged in all-out war with the terrorist organization. The Vanguard must act quickly, or the Firebrand may soon be able to spread into the core worlds.

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