A strategic point can be accessed by the appropriate force during the active phase. Accessing a strategic point requires an action to be used. This is variably named the 'access strategic point action,' 'secure point action' or 'use strategic point action.' Strategic points are not blocking features and do not affect movement. Unless otherwise stated, they provide no cover.  

Vanguard Strategic PointsEdit


The model's health is restored to full and all infection counters are removed from the model.

HAVOK Defence Gun EmplacementEdit

The HAVOK gun emplacement can be used to make an attack against the enemy. The use of this strategic point  counts as an attack action.

HAVOK DEFENCE GUN * S 6/3 Roll 1d6, and make half that many additional attacks (round up). These attacks must be distributed between the initial target and any enemy models within two squares of it.
* Use the models highest attack value

A model occupying the HAVOK gun emplacement's base square gains cover ([MOD] [DEF] 3)

Life Support TerminalEdit

The use of this strategic point removes Nano from 4x4 area in a single room. The life support terminal costs 1 Tactic Counter to use.

Security TerminalEdit

The use of the security terminal gives one Tac counter to all Vanguard. The security terminal costs 1 Tactic Counter to use.

Teleportation ControlEdit

Models occupying the teleportation control can move to 3x3 area in a single room. Each model costs 1 Tactic Counter to teleport. One model on the teleportation control must use an 'access strategic point action' to operate the control. The use of the teleportation control does not trigger reflex actions based on movement, as it is not considered a 'move' action.