Niven Banks is a Class 1 Hazard Tech at Alabaster SSD.

Conscript Personnel Assessment:Edit

Subject: Conscript 343 awv-zer-jo9 – Niven – Banks

Overseer: Conscript AI Minder 001497ksfhvc8

Height: 2 Meters

Weight: 86.1 Kilograms

Eyes: Natural Human

Gene-Index: Human/Post-Augment Conscript

Inception Date: Conscription sentence passed 201.17.4078 Solar Reckoning

Augments: Industrial Class Systems interface, Military Grade Uplink Spool (Disabled)


Killed in action while fighting Firebrand rebels in the Salazar interdiction, Niven Banks, Tech Officer 1st class was uploaded to a battlefield transponder. Under severe viral attack, the transponder suffered catastrophic failure while parts of Banks persona were still reaching engrammatic resolution. Safety interlocks failed due to a Firebrand virus in Vanguard systems and Banks resuscitated to re-enter the battlefield while suffering a massive psychotic break. Combat triggered hallucinations led to a lethal friendly fire incident involving nine other Vanguard.

Banks was discharged and pardoned, then commuted to civilian duty. He did not acclimatize well. After several assault charges he was conscripted for isolation and rehabilitation. His skills and combat background made him ideal for deployment for hazard duty.

Currently Banks is serving as Conscript Class 1 Hazard Tech at the Alabaster SSD, an isolated facility where Banks can serve with a minimum of interaction. After a recent meta-cortex upgrade, his persona has stabilized, and as of his last psychological assessment it would appear he is ready for transfer from isolation to conscript duty in populated civilian clusters.

Be warned, although Banks is currently stable, traumatic events could trigger another psychotic break. Although his AI minder may keep him stable, he is capable of doing substantial harm due to his combat expertise and his aptitude with industrial tools.