Sedition Wars Drone Miniature. Painted by Althai, Studio McVey forum.

Any Drone, regardless of former function or service, is welcome into the arms of the Firebrand. These genetically modified creatures – who were once labourers, servants, and playthings – have found new purpose as warriors in a struggle for the freedom of their kind everywhere across the expanse of the Solar Conglomerate.

Most of the gear and weaponry a Drone rebel carries is heavily modified hunting weaponry, mining equipment, or heavy industry tools. Needle rifles, lasers, fusion torches, smelter guns, and even modified cybernetics like arc projectors and gravity manipulators are made battle-ready. Drones usually wear armour made from repurposed safety gear – incorporating elements from hazard suits, vacuum helmets, and even heavy armour plating forged by hand.

Their ragtag appearance belies a determined and disciplined fighting force. Most Drones are well aware of the fate that awaits them should they fail in their fight for liberty. They would rather go out fighting for the Firebrand’s cause than die under the yoke of oppression.