Morgan callout (1)

Corpsman Morgan Vade from the Sedition Wars official website.

You want to know why I never take this mask of in the field? I have a million reasons – viral clouds, biotic death-agents, nano-spores, nerve toxins, and mutagenic gasses. Not to mention the vast inventory of naturally occurring battlefield odours that tend to induce gagging and vomiting. You think I need this thing to breath? Buddy I need this mask like you need your gun. If I’m down due to a cloud of Diagon-713, you’re pretty much screwed. Double the goggles, know what it’s like to get blood and dust in your eyes while you pile guts back into a still kicking trooper? These Medspecs help keep my sight clear. With these I can pick out a wounded infantryman from a hundred meters, and tell whether or not he can be saved. And the guns? Well let me tell you kid… There’s a reason they call us mercy-killers.