A combat modifier adds to the attack roll or to the defence score of a model when attacks occur. These are usually in the form of a number or, in the case of some attck modifiers, extra dice.  An attack modifier can be abbreviated [MOD][ATT] and a defence modifier [MOD][DEF].

Combat Modifier ReferenceEdit

Cover [MOD] [DEF] 3
Firing at engaged enemy

[MOD] [DEF] 3 for the first ally engaged with target [MOD] [DEF] 1  for each additional ally engaged with target

Defender has Prone or Inversion status effect

[MOD] [DEF] 3 for a ranged attack

[MOD] [ATT] +1d6 for a close combat attack

Firing Close [MOD] [DEF] 3
Out of Range [MOD] [DEF] 6
Defender Stuck [MOD] [ATT] +1d6
Firing from engaged position Ranged weapon attack roll becomes 2d6 for non-adjacent targets