During a players active phase , models are activated one at a time, in the order of the active player's choosing.

When a model is activated, it can perform either two standard actions or a focused action. Each action can only be performed once per activation. 

Standard ActionsEdit

Two actions may be performed. Each action can only be performed once. A model cannot make two attacks, including an attack ability, unless stated otherwise (for example, by a weapon, ability, strategic point or trait).

a. Move up to the model’s Mobility value in squares or use a movement ability.
b. Perform an Attack or use an attack ability.
c. Access a Strategic Point.
d. Use one of the model's Abilities; each ability can only be used once per activation and counts as a separate action. Note that using an attack ability prevents that model from making a standard attack on the same activation and that using a movement ability prevents that model from making a standard move on the same activation.

Focused ActionsEdit

A model can choose to perform a single focused action during its activation instead of two standard actions.

a. Focusing an action allows a player to roll an additional d6 when performing that action (attack or ability).
b. Performing a focused move action is called a run and allows a model to move up to twice its Mobility. You cannot perform run to get up from being Prone and then move.